Andbon AD-600S Horizontal Dry Cabinet Box 600L Liters Digital Display with Automatic Humidity Controller

  • ₱59,000.00
  • Save ₱11,000


  • Andbon moisture resistant cabinet - AD 600s is a series of large capacity vertical cabinet and divided into 4 compartments with 4 pull doors.
  • The door is made of glass and has 4 more security locks.
  • The edges of the cabinet have rubber gaskets to increase the tightness when closing the cabinet.
  • Carbon and cabinet lines andbon - ad 600s, there is also a dehumidifier, an active status light, a moisture meter, a temperature meter and a parameter adjustment button.
  • Capacity: 580L
  • Size: W851 x D430 x H1830 mm
  • Voltage used: 110 - 220V
  • Power capacity: 30W / H
  • Range of controlling humidity from 25% - 65% RH.



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