Gibraltar Heavy Duty Snare Drum Stand Double Braced with Adjustable Height, Gearless Brake Tilter for Drums Pro Series (Extended Version Available) | 6706, 6706EX | JG Superstore

  • ₱5,490.00


  • The Gibraltar Snare stand is loaded with top end features but won't load you down with lots of weight. Double-braced legs provide all the support you could possibly need, and casted super lock height adjustments keep your settings in place for as long as you need them. The snare basket adjusts using a finely toothed gear tilter, letting you set up your snare drum at virtually any usable angle. Nylon inserts are equipped on every height adjustment, making sure there is no metal-on-metal contact..

  • Type: Extended height Snare Stand
  • Snare Sizes: Ultra adjust offset basket
  • Height: G-style height adjustable
  • Legs: Double-braced

  • Features:

    • Strong Double-Braced Legs
    • Light Weight and Heavy Duty
    • Cast Height Adjustments
    • Nylon Inserts for No Metal-On-Metal
    • Fine-Geared Snare Basket Tilter
    • Accepts drums up to 14" for 6706 Model , maximum 15" for 6706EX Model




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