Meike MK-N-AF3A Metal Macro Extension Tube Auto Focus Adapter Ring 10mm 16mm for Nikon Nikon 1 S1 J3 V2 J2 V1 J1 AW1

  • ₱999.00


  • The set is consist of two full autofocus tubes of different length - 10mm and 16mm, which can be used together or individually to obtain the different magnification.
  • This Autofocus Extension Tube set provides 2 extension tubes that can be added between the camera and the lens, to make the lens focus at closer distances and produce higher magnification. Extension tubes are tubes with a rear-lens mount at one end and a camera-body mount at the other end.
  • This Extension tube set does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside. In comparison, a close up filters are often blamed for degrading image quality. It moves the lens farther from the film or digital sensor.




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