Novation Launchpad X 16 Buttons and 81 RGB LEDs Grid Controller for Ableton Live

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The Novation Launchpad X is a control surface for use with Ableton Live. It provides 64 RGB pads. These are velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads that allow you to trigger clips and samples and let you see your Ableton session represented in front of you on the MIDI controller. The device also provides 16 buttons and 81 RGB LEDs.

With the Novation Launchpad X, you can launch clips and scenes, capture MIDI, and utilize performance controls such as solo, mute, record arm, volume, pan, stop, and sends. All of this lets you control your Ableton session without a mouse.


  • 64 RGB Pads
  • Ableton Live Intergration
  • Dynamic Note and Scale Modes
  • 4 Custom Modes





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