Pearl P2050C Eliminator: Redline Single Bass Drum Pedal with 4 Interchangeable Cams Powershifter Function

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Pearl’s Eliminator: Redline is truly a giant leap forward in bass drum pedals.
Like having four pedals in one, Eliminator: Redline's Patented Interchangeable Cam System creates totally personalized action, power and speed. Changing the feel of the pedal is as simple as pushing the cam release button and snapping another in place.
Its stunning power and flexibility deliver the fluid speed of our Demon series pedals with a more power-focused drive; helping Eliminator: Redline further push the boundaries of bass drum performance.

  • Drive: Sprocket-less Double Chain
  • Foot Board: Redline Reversible Traction Plate
  • Drive Bearings: NiNjA Low-Friction
  • Beater: Control Core Quadbeater
  • Tension Adjustment: Click-Lock
  • Beater Angle: Uni-Lock Infinitely Adjustable
  • Powershifter: Three Position
  • Case: Included
  • Heel Plate Hinge: Zero Play (U.S. Patent #7179978)




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