Pearl PCX300 Extended Rotating Rail Accessory Clamp with 6-Inches Reach Extension Arm for Drum Rack System

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Pearl's Extended Rotating Rail Accessory Clamp's chrome extension arm and rotating mounting clamps let you take your set-up to new heights.
Both the rail and accessory mount's geared, locking tilters lift standard drum and cymbal holders up to 6" from the main mounting rail; offering not only physical, but visual configuration benefits.

Furthermore, interconnecting Pearl's many 7/8" mounting bases with the PCX300 allows tom and cymbal mounts to work together for unparalleled function and form.
This and other exciting Icon clamps and accessories work together to let you take the drum rack system to new, customized levels.

  • Expansion Clamp: Quick Release, Dual-Nut W/Ultragrip Wingnut
  • Square Clamp Size: 1.57" (40mm)
  • Clamp Capacity: 1/2" to 1-1/8"
  • Clamp Rotation: Forward/Aft: 360-Degrees at top and bottom
  • Mounting Reach: Up to 6"




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