Pearl RJ50 Icon 6-Inches Mini Expansion Rail Aluminum with Memory Locks 1.5-Inches Bar Clamp for Drum Racks

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  • Save ₱1,620


Bringing greater expansion possibilities to the Icon drum rack system, the RJ50 Mini Expansion Rail features a 6" section of Pearl's trademark square Aluminum rack rail.
Each end features a fixed 1.5" bar clamp. This is exceptional as a joint for connecting two Icon racks, or simple expansions for mounting added accessories.
Comes standard with two DC422A Hinged Memory Clamps to lock height into position and secure set-up parameters.

  • Rail Capacity: 6"
  • Bar Clamps: Fixed for 1.5" Round Bars
  • Memory Clamps: DC422A Hinged 1.5" Round




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