7Artisans Photoelectric 35mm f/5.6 Manual Focus Lens for Leica M

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The 35mm f/5.6 Pancake Lens from 7Artisans is a compact full-frame lens for Leica M-mount cameras that makes carrying a camera on the go simple. The optical structure of five elements in four groups, with two ED ultra low dispersion glass elements, effectively reduces the chromatic aberration and renders virtually no color distortion. The maximum f/5.6 aperture provides a wide range of depth of field, a soft blur effect, and an exquisite circular spot with minor vignetting for a vintage look. Focus is manually adjusted, providing a close focus distance of 11.8". 
  • A wide-Angle lens designed for full-frame mirrorless and rangefinder cameras, when used with APS-C-format cameras provides a 52.5mm equivalent focal length
  • Integrated protective metal lens cover
  • Compact pancake form factor
  • No electronic communication between lens and camera body

Key Features

  • Leica M-Mount/ Full-Frame Format
  • f/5.6 Constant Aperture
  • 2 ED Extra-Low Dispersion Lenses
  • 5 Elements in 4 Groups
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 11.8"
  • Manual Focus
  • Integrated Protective Lens Cover





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