Andbon AD-125S Horizontal 125 Liters Dry Cabinet Box with Digital Display and Automatic Humidity Controller | Juan Gadget

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- Power consumption: Full open: 5W Average: 2.5W Voltage: 110 to 260V Frequency: 50 to 60Hz Rated voltage: 5V DC Rated current: ?1.3A Volume: 102L With digital or meter display Sizes: Contour: 380 x 390 x 775mm Interior: 375 x 385 x 735mm Dehumidification fast, 1-3 hours that take effect of low, and dehumidification wet RH25 %, 50%. Humidity accurately trouble-free. No compression, no fan, no noise, no heat effect quiet ark, RH uniformity 3. The value of DC input, power consumption is small, energy conservation and environmental protection, no leakage risk.
  • Volume:125L
  • Dimensions: Contour: 380 x 390 x 775mm
  • This product has adopted the latest cooling sets of principles in the world, clear the moisture fast, it will Force between 1-2 hours. It also can achieve the lowest moisture 25%-50%RH. Without the air cabinet to work, it can absorb moisture with the electrical, the controller will adjust automatically, constant damp accurate and has no obstacles.
  • The product has no moisture, is good at preventing the moth, preventing mildew, preventing rusting, preventing bad, preventing dust in storing function. It is a way to store things which has lowest cost
  • Auto Memory Last RH Setting.



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