Boya BY-C04 Camera Video Microphone Shock Mount for Boya BY-BM6060 Rode NTG-1, NTG2, NTG-3, NTG-4 Audio Technica AT897, ATR6550 Sennheiser MKH-416, ME66/K6 MKE-600 Azden SGM-1X Sony ECM-CG50

  • ₱449.00


  • Greatly reduces microphone noise caused by vibration, handling, etc
  • Four-Point Silicone Suspension    
  • Fits Shotgun Mics Measuring 19-25mm in Diameter    
  • Attaches to cameras via hot  shoe or stands, boompoles or tripod via 3/8 screw thread    
  • Includes spare rubber bands
  • Designed for BY-PVM1000& BY-PVM1000L.
  • For Rode NTG-1, NTG-2, NTG-3, NTG-4
  • For Audio-Technica AT897, ATR6550, Sennheiser MKH-416, ME66/K6, MKE-600, Azden SGM-1X, Sony ECM-CG50 etc.
  • 3/8'' or 1/4'' in thread
  • Fits Most Microphones with a 0.74 - 0.86" (19mm-25mm)




The BOYA microphone shock mount features a  four-point suspension to accommodate shotgun microphones measuring ¾ to 1"  (19-25mm) in diameter. The shockmount is easily angled with its rubberized  adjustment knob. There is a built-in shoe for camera mounting, and a 3/8"-16  thread connection at the base mounts the shockmount to boompoles and universal  hand-grips.    







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