EBL Fast Battery Charger for AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries with USB Cable

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    • 40 Min Fast Charger: This charger has the latest fast charger, charges as fast as 40 minutes for 2000mAh AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. 2*AA/AAA Ni-MH--80 min; 3*AA/AAA Ni-MH---120min; 4*AA/AAA Ni-MH---160min
    • Independent Charge: 4 independent LED slots, charge 1-4 units AA/AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries individually.Indicate the process of charging, automatically check damaged batteries. With anti-reverse and anti-short battery protection.
    • More Security: Quick charger automatically stops charging when charging completes, LED light provides information at a glance: flashing green light means charging, red light means insufficient electricity.\
    • Smart Control: This battery charger uses MCU control, intelligent control of fast charging mode, provides a constant current & current voltage safety model. It can prevent overheating, overcharging, when it is working.

Key Features

  • Compatible with AA AAA Ni-MH ONLY.
  • Output: 1 x AA - DC1.4V 3600mA ; 1 x AAA - DC1.4V 1500mA ; 2 x AA - DC1.4V 1800mA ; 2 x AAA - DC1.4V 770mA ;
  • 3xAA - DC1.4V 1200mA; 3xAAA - DC1.4V 510mA; 4xAA - DC1.4V 900mA; 4xAAA - DC1.4V 380mA
  • Smart LED to show your charging progress: Green flashing - charging; green fixed - full charge.



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