Eirmai 100L Electronic Digital Dry Cabinet Dehumidifying Box with Touch Screen and Automatic AI Smart Control - 100 Liters (MRD-105T)

  • ₱10,839.00
  • Save ₱5,420


Touch Screen Controls:
- The Display Screen and Glass are combined into one. Adjustable controls without opening the glass door.
Quick Dehumidification:
- Powerful movement, Dehumidified in 2 minutes. Keeps it dry even in the Wet Season.

Energy Saving:
- When the Temperature reaches its specific Humidity, the Circulating movement will stop conserving more energy and cost.

Smart AI Control Chip:
- Sets the humidity accurately. Fully Automatic detection is applied. Provides 24 Hours humidity control

Low Noise Technology:
- < 20dB of Quiet Space. The movement simulates natural physical condensation + heating and dehumidification technology, which is healthy and pollution-free. There is no obvious noise during the entire work process.




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