Eirmai R21 Moisture-Proof Dry Box 24-Liters with Dehumidifier Hygrometer Sponge Pad (Fits 1 DSLR and 6 Lenses) Black

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ABS & AS Environmental-Friendly Materials:
High-quality materials make our dry box sturdy and durable, not easy to aging.

ABS Electronic Hygroscopic Card (HC-63C Dehumidifier) & Moisture-Proof Box Sponge Pads:
Ideal to control moisture, preventing condensation, corrosion, mold or other issues related with water vapor.

Silicone Strip & Delicate Buckle:
Make the box completely tight, prevent the flow of air and moisture, creating a sealed environment for your lens and cameras.

Clearly display the humidity inside of the box. When the reading is more than 60%,turn the balanced valve to "open" ,take out the electronic hygroscopic card to charge.

  • Brand: EIRMAI
  • Model name: R21
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1 DSLR + 6 lenses + accessories
  • Material: ABS box cover + AS box
  • Dimension: 390 mm *270 mm *270mm
  • Weight: 1.6kg

What's in the Box:
Eirmai R21 Dry Camera Box, Dehumidifier, Moisture-proof Box Sponge pad




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