Feiyutech 4-Section Quick Release Multifunctional Carbon Fiber Monopod | JG Superstore by Juan Gadget

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PROFESSION AND FUN APPLICATIONS: Pair with Feiyu gimbal, Feiyu monopod can help you achieve multiple signature gear effects such as slider, dolly, or crane/jib..

ENDURE HEAVY DUTY: Aluminum alloy feet that provide a maximum 12kg payload, holding your flagship full-frame DSLR and gimbal with no problem at all. With the support of the Feiyu monopod, you can easily pull through a longer shooting period with heavy gears and never miss any once-in-a-lifetime footage.

QUICK RELEASE DESIGN: Two quick release points on both top and bottom. Accelerate your workflow again with our user-friendly quick-release feature.

FAIL-SAVE FOOT LOCK: Push to unlock design, avoiding any misstep while using, keeps your gears from any hazard.

BREAK THE LIMITS: The bar can extend to 1620mm; The ball joint enables you to tilt 90 degrees so you can capture smooth and stunning footage that you never could before..


  • Section: 4-Section
  • Max Diameter: 32.5mm
  • Min Diameter: 22mm
  • Max Height: 1620mm
  • Min Height: 590mm
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Max Payload: 12Kg



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