FeiyuTech G5GS Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer

  • ₱2,900.00


  • Splash proof no worries.Excellent splash-proof technology and extra support to Sony camera+water-proof housing, no more resistance in shooting in the rain;
  • A brand new APP,with more functionality and a better user eperience,brand new Feiyu On APP for Android and iOS offers the following functions:gimbal mode switching, angle changing, parameter setting, firmware;
  • Power on and off with a beep that can be heard clearly outdoors;
  • Motor with more torque,improves stability,motor torque has been increased by 30%, enabling the gimbal to resist more external force while shooting;
  • Refactored system algorithms with the new high-performance chips,making motor stability greatly improved;
  • Automatic output matching power,the use of the process is not generating excess power,energy-saving and efficient;
  • Manually lock the angles of two axis in three working modes without missing any splendid moments;
  • Trigger button to quickly enter lock mode and reset the gimbal in a key;
  • Several working mode make most of the videos easily to be done;
  • The G5GS uses a 22650 flat-head battery,which can last up to seven hours.Two hours to get a fully charged battery that could work 7 hours.


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