Godox AD-S3 Beauty Dish Reflector with Grid AD-S4 for WITSTRO Speedlite Flash AD180 AD360 AD200

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  • Beauty Dish has become an indispensable tool in any professional photography in particular the portrait and fashion one. The beauty dish helps to reduce the scattering of light and obtain a soft diffusion. Both can be used in combination in producing a soft transitional edge, good stereoscopic effect..




    • The silver interior results in higher specularity.
    • Offers an even spread of light around the subject and creates a soft-edged lighting effect.
    • Provided with the honeycomb to create a directional light and eliminate harsh shadows.



  • Brand: Godox
  • Beauty Dish Reflector: Max. Dia 305mm, Height: 92mm, Weight: 310g.
  • Honeycomb Cover: Max. Dia 296mm, Height: 13mm, Weight: 126g.
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