Godox Double Density P128-D2 Diffuser for Parabolic 128 Reflector for Lighting Photography

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  • The GODOX P128-D2 Double-Density Diffuser Panel has been designed specifically for use with the GODOX Parabolic128 Parabolic Reflector. This diffuser fastens to the front of your Parabolic128 reflector to reduce harsh shadows and specular highlights. Perfect for photographers who want to be able to take full advantage of the Parabolic reflector’s versatility, but without the specularity that the bare modifier can produce..


  • This translucent D1 Diffuser is specifically designed for the Parabolic 128 Reflector. It fastens to the front of the reflector and absorbs 1 stop of light while minimizing harsh shadow lines.




  • The P128-D2 Diffuser Panel is made from high-quality, durable diffusion fabric, producing approximately 1-Stop of diffusion. Perfect for photographers who want to reduce the specular highlights and the harsh shadows that can be produced by the bare Parabolic Reflector.



  • The GODOX P128-D2 Diffuser Panel is an essential accessory for owners of the GODOX Parabolic128, as it will enable you to reduce specularity, and minimise harsh shadows when using the Parabolic128 Parabolic Reflector.































































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