Godox RING72 Macro LED Ring Light with Dual Power Supply 72pcs Lamp Beads 49mm to 77mm Adapter Rings 5600k Color Temperature for Macro and Close-Up Imaging

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Get ready for your close-ups with the RING72 Macro Ring LED Light from Godox. Equipped with 72 daylight-balanced 5600K LEDs, photographers and videographers can enjoy a bright constant light source with an effective close-up range. Also, the circular design helps evenly illuminate small macro subjects as well as create beautiful catchlights for portraits. For added control over the light, users can choose between having the entire ring on or just the left or right side, allowing users to control how the light falls on the subject.

Even and soft light:
The ring design makes it easy to have even and soft, almost shadowless light quality, suitable for close-up fill light and professional field on plants, insects and other macro photography fill light.

Full display of details:
RING72 CRI 96+ Color temperature of 5600K and 8W brightness. Perfect rendering of subtle objects, softening sharp shadows and restoring the true color of the photographed.

Separate Brightness Control:
Ring tubes of the left and right can independently control light output comparison to create light and shadow effects on the subject, giving the photo a more three-dimensional feel.

Start simple and end strong:
Specifically, Ring designed for macro lenses, small and nimble shape, powerful enough to present every detail of small things.

Two power supply options:
Support detachable lithium battery (universal V1 lithium battery VB26 or AD100pro lithium battery WB100) or 4 AA batteries power supply, available in anytime, anywhere.




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