Godox UB-002 33 and 40-Inch Reflector Umbrella for lighting and Studio Equipment (BLACK SILVER)

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Compatible with speed lights and studio strobes, this Black/Silver, 33" and 40" Umbrella from Godox widens the coverage and softens the light source's output. The light-shaper has a highly reflective interior that renders snappy contrast and a cool-colored quality of light and is a good choice for long-throw light bouncing from a distance.


UB-002 Reflector Umbrella from Godox is a simple light modifier that is well suited for portrait shots and product photography. It is black on the outside and silver on the inside.
The silver surface of the umbrella allows a bit stronger and more contrasting reflection of light. The illuminated object of the photograph becomes more contrasting. The black outer cover, light reflected from other surfaces, absorbs.

Key Features:


  • White Interior for Soft, Neutral Color
  • Black Exterior Prevents Light Loss

Godox UB-002 Specs

  • Size: 33.0" / 83.8 cm
  • Size: 40.0" / 101.6 cm
  • Interior Color" Silver, Black
  • Exterior: Black
  • Folded Size 33": L: 23.6" / L: 60.0 cm
  • Folded Sise 40": L: 27.9" / L: 70.0 cm
  • Weight: 0.44 lb / 0.2 kg

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