Godox UB-L2 Translucent Large-Sized Soft Umbrella Light Modifier (White) for Light Dispersion Shadow Reduction (150cm or 185cm)

  • ₱1,099.00


The Translucent Umbrella from Godox is a light modifier that spreads the light's beam and increases coverage while it lowers contrast. A handy aspect of this type of umbrella is the ability to bounce the light in the traditional way or "shoot through" by aiming the convex side at the subject as you would a softbox.

The white umbrella disperses the light, making it softer and more natural. It aligns the lighting of the photographed scene, reduces shadows. The umbrella is the simplest and most commonly used light modifier. It takes up little space and it`s easy to use.

UB-L2 comes in two sizes – 150 and 185cm diameter.




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