Godox UB-L3 Reflector Umbrella Black Exterior Silver Interior for Studio Flash Photography Snappy Contrast (150cm or 185cm)

  • ₱1,499.00


Compatible with speedlights and studio strobes, this Black/Silver, Umbrella from Godox widens the coverage and softens the light source's output. The light-shaper has a highly reflective interior that renders snappy contrast, and a cool-colored quality of light, and is a good choice for long-throw light bouncing from a distance.

The silver surface of the umbrella allows a bit stronger and more contrasting reflection of light. The illuminated object of the photograph becomes more contrasting. Black outer cover, light reflected from other surfaces, absorbs. It is intended to soften, broaden and diminish the light output of any studio flash
Umbrellas are easy to use, easy to store and easy to transport and provide you with almost unlimited lighting possibilities

UB-L2 comes in two sizes – 150 and 185cm diameter.




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