Godox VSM Dual Cold Shoe Extension for Cameras & Smartphones Tripod

  • ₱599.00


Put your accessories to good use. With them, you can mount a series of Godox cold shoe gears such as the audio system and Litemons lights onto your camera or smartphone clip. It is the glue to set the whole thing up

Undisturbed camera adjustment

VSM-H03 is specially designed to give more space for finger movement on your camera buttons. No longer be bothered by the common flat ones causing a disturbance

Cable management notch

VSM-H03 has two U-shaped notches respectively besides each cold shoe to keep your cables fixed in a tiny form.

Two thread holes more adaptability

Both VSM-H03 and VSM-H02 have one thread hole on the top and one at the bottom, offering more extensions at the use of an articulating arm or fix on a tripod

Key Features

Dual Cold Shoe Extension
Sturdy Dual Cold Shoes
Undisturbed camera adjustment
Cable management notch
Two thread holes for more adaptability



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