Hercules Stands Auto-Lock Z-Style Keyboard Stand with EZ-Lok Tier KS410B

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Set up in a jiffy with the Auto-Lock Z-Style Keyboard Stand from HERCULES Stands. This collapsible Z-style stand holds two keyboards, offering a load capacity of 88 lb on the upper tier and a total load capacity of 286 lb on the lower tier. The EZ-Lok system on the upper tier allows you to lock it at either 70° or 90° for optimum playing comfort. Featuring the Auto Lock Lever system, the stand allows you to adjust its height simply by lifting or lowering the stand's arms. Once you put the arms where you want them, the stand locks automatically at the selected height without adjusting any knobs, greatly simplifying setup. The adjustable rubber foot helps you to level the stand and fine-tune its height, while locking pins and adjustable moving arms ensure easy setup and take-down. For convenient transport and storage, the stand quickly folds down into a compact bundle. 

  • Compact one-piece design
  • Fluorescent marks help adjust arms evenly, even on a dark stage
  • Adjustable stopper on upper tier accommodates keyboards of various size


Key Features

  • Stand for Two Keyboards
  • Auto-Lock Height Adjustment
  • Z-Style Base & Upper Tier
  • Upper Tier Locks at 70°/90°
  • Adjustable Rubber Foot
  • Locking Pins
  • Adjustable Moving Arms
  • Folds Compactly for Transport & Storage
  • Base Supports up to 286 lb
  • Upper Tier Supports up to 88 lb





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