Eagletech HTC-8A Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Clock with Backlight

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  • Large LCD screen display. Show the indoor temperature/humidity, time and date at the same time.
  • Night light function, more convenient for people to use the product at night.
  • Alarm function. And 12/24 hour display switching function
  • ℃ / ℉" switching function, can choose to display ℃ or ℉
  • Highest / lowest indoor temperature and humidity memory function
  • Products with Supporting plate and hanging hole, can be placed in vertical or hanging.
  • Size: 98×106×23mm
  • Power Supply: one AAA battery
  • Temperature survey range: 0℃-50℃(32℉-122℉)
  • Humidity survey range: 10%- 98%


  • Analyze degree: 0.1℃, 1%RH
  •  Accurate precision: ±1℃, ±5%RH
  • Press once to switch the display time and set the alarm time ( two dots without flashing, and with an "AL" prompt )
  • Time and Date setting: When displaying the time mode, press and hold 2 seconds to enter the time setting, set the minute, hour, 12/24 hour mode, month, day. During the time digits flash, press "ADJ" to adjust. When completed a set, and then press the "MODE" key once, the next one will be automatically set. If one minute without any key operation, it will automatically exit setup, and finish setting
  • Alarm setting: When displaying the alarm time (AL) mode, press and hold 2 seconds to enter the alarm time setting, the same operation mode, and time settings
  • 1, When setting time, date, alarm, you can make the data increase, Press and hold the button to increase rapidly
  • 2, When displaying the alarm time (AL) mode, press the ADJ adjustable alarm off. ( When the Alarm function is turned on, the screen has a bell icon ) .
  • "LIGHT" ---Press the "LIGHT" button, the screen will be the bright blue backlight for 3 seconds
  • "MAX / MIN" ---Press "MAX / MIN" key once to display the maximum period of MAX- measuring indoor temperature and humidity; then press the "MAX / MIN" key once to display the minimum measurement period MIN- indoor temperature and humidity.
Package Included:
  • 1 x Temperature and Humidity Alarm Clock Meter (Batteries are not included)





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