Insta360 CING2CB/B Lens Guard Suitable for GO 2 Camera (2-Pack)

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    • A 2-pack replacement for the one already included with the GO 2 camera, the Insta360 Lens Guards are screw-on lens protectors that can be used at all times to protect the lens from scratches. The camera also requires a Lens Guard when it's used underwater, as it's not waterproof without one. Only one guard attaches to the camera at a time..



  • Screw-On Replacement Lens Protectors
  • For Normal and Underwater Use
  • Hardened Glass with Antifog Coating




  • Brand: Insta360
  • Color: Black
  • Model: CING2CB/B
  • Product Type: Lens Guard
  • Material: Hardened Glass with Antifog Coating




























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