K&F Concept 12x42 Binoculars IP65 Waterproof Fogproof with 20mm Large View Eyepiece and Smartphone Holder for Phone Viewing

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12X42 high magnification focus:
12X42 times high-definition magnification, a good combination of optical system and basic performance, bright images, clear vision. The 20mm enlarged eyepiece provides a wide-angle and large field of view with sufficient light input. The lens adopts multi-layer coating to avoid dizziness, ensure clear and bright imaging, and improve observation comfort. 42mm large-aperture object diameter, wider field of view, allowing you to see the distant scenery and animals more clearly and brightly, capturing the clearest, bright and stable bird-watching image ideal magnification, the field of view range of 101/1000m.

BAK4 prism and multi-layer coating:
Both the eyepiece and objective lens adopt high-quality BAK4 prism + FMC all-optical broadband green film, which is transparent and bright, effectively eliminating internal light loss and avoiding dark edges on the screen. The light transmittance is as high as 97%. The optical system reflects light, whether you are looking for birds or trying to better watch the stage, it can help you observe the target in high definition, provide you with the best brightness and true color, and improve the picture reproduction.

Two-way focusing wheel + lifting eyepiece design:
Two-way focusing wheel, can quickly adjust the center and surrounding parts of the picture to the overall high-definition state, avoiding partial blurring of the picture. The right eyeglasses have a diopter adjustment ring. When there is a difference in vision between the left and right eyes, you can rotate the right eyepiece adjustment ring left and right to let both eyes see the same scenery. The eyepiece can be raised and lowered, which is suitable for people with normal vision and nearsightedness.

High-quality structural parts:
High-quality environmentally friendly rubber lens barrel, eliminates odors, and the surface is designed with a fine frosted texture, which is effective in slipping and sweating. The side of the mirror body has a strong strap hole, which can be worn on the chest and carried on the chest, making it easier to carry on long distances.

Professional outdoor design:
Excellent high definition and reliable outdoor durability, specially designed for outdoor activities. Whether you are hunting, camping, shooting, bird watching, hiking, or attending sports events or concerts, you will never miss important moments.

  • Dimensions:140*60*160 mm
  • View:12 × 42 mm
  • Weight:1.2 pounds
  • Prism category: BAK4
  • Shortest distance:4 Meters




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