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  • Lens cleaning pen is made of plastic material, durable, not easy to break, with good handle for your comfortable grip, easy to clean.
  • This Camera Screen Cleaning Pen has 3 cleaning parts, namely a cleaning brush, a large cleaning head and a small cleaning head; The 3-in-1 cleaning effect can clean the lens more quickly and effectively, so that the lens is no longer damaged by dust, affecting the picture effect and lens life.
  • Small size and easy to carry, Photo Lens Cleaning Pen for camera is only the size of a regular pen; Whether you are framing the field or shooting indoors, you only need to put it in your pants pocket.


  • He dust removal brush has a telescopic button that can be applied immediately by gently sliding your finger; And 2 different types of cleaning heads are easy to replace, simply take them down and install them again; There are no trivial parts covers most cleaning functions..


  • This lens cleaning pen is not only suitable for camera lenses, it can be cleaned for any optical lens, such as: telescope, magnifying glass, mobile phone screen, etc




  • Brand: K&F
  • Color: Black
  • Function: Clean screen, Sustainable, Anti-dust, Clean your optical lenses
  • Cleaning pen style: Double Head
  • Advantage: Portable, Safe and User Friendly
  • Feature: Versatile design, sliding push button









































































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