Maono AU-C01 Portable Rechargeable Voice Amplifier with LED Display, Wired Headband Microphone, FM Radio, Speaker and Waistband (BLACK)

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Maono voice amplifier inherits the traditional public address function, it is a good partner for teachers, tour guides, supermarkets promotion, lectures, etc. After technical improvements, now Maono amplifier has been able to amplify more than 400 square meters. Its loud and clear voice is enough to meet the basic needs of public address.
With the development of the times, the continuous development of new features can make the product to long-term development. Maono is trying best to meet more people's needs.

Fashionable Design
► The bright color of the MAONO C01 voice amplifier makes you more individual in the crowd, it's outstanding amplify function help protect your throat!
The simple and elegant design is the main distinguishing feature of this voice amplifier.

Portable Design


  • Fashionable black
  • Fluid sculpture
  • Vacuum plating
  • Piano paint
  • Environmental protection materials
  • Radiation-free





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