Meike MK-D300 / MB-D10 Vertical Muti-power Battery Grip Pack for Nikon D300 D300S D700 Like MB-D10

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BG-D300S/BP-D10 multi-power battery pack for use with all Nikon single-lens reflex digital cameras that list the BG-D10 as a compatible accessory in the camera manual. The BP-D10 takes one EN-EL3e, EN-EL4a or EN-EL4 rechargeable battery or eight AA batteries and includes an alternate shutter-release button, AF-ON button, multi selector, main and sub-command dials for taking pictures in “tall” (portrait) orientation. Camera menu options allow the user to choose whether the camera battery or the batteries in the BG-D10 are used first, see the camera manual for details.



  • Power Source: One or two EN-EL3e rechargeable Li-ion batteries; six LR6 alkaline, HR6 Ni-MH, FR6 lithium, or ZR6 nickel-manganese AA batteries.
  • Battery Life:
  • Approximately 500 shots(two EN-EL3e batteries), 250 shots(one EN-EL3e battery), or 480 shots(alkaline batteries)
  • Operating temperature: 0°- +40°


Suitable for:

Nikon D300, for Nikon D300S, for Nikon D700




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