Meike MK-S-AF4 Auto Focus Mount Lens Adapter Ring for Sony Micro Single Camera to Canon EF/EF-S camera

  • ₱2,399.00


  • This AF lens mount adapter designed to allow Canon EF/EF-S series lenses to be used with Sony micro Single camera,compatible interchangeable-lens digital cameras lenses.
  • Fully electronic mount adapter connect the EF lenses, to give full play to the image stabilizer and the AF shooting performance.
  • Compatible with original Sony E-mount to Canon EF /EF-S adapter.
  • Good quality plastic bady with metal bayonet.
  • With 1/4" standard tripod mount thread.
  • Single lens cameras can be usd as SLR high-end lens.
  • Suitanle for Sony micro single camera and for Canon EF-EF-S lens adapter.
  • Support full frame micro camera.




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