Novation Bass Station II 25 Key Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

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  • 25 Keys with Aftertouch
  • Classic and Acid Style Filters
  • 2 Oscillators plus Sub-Octave Oscillator
  • Free Update to AFX Mode
  • 2 LFOs, 2 Envelope Generators
  • Saveable Patches
  • Built-In Mixer
  • Analog Effects Section
  • 5-Pin DIN and USB MIDI I/O
  • Free Plug-Ins from Sound Collective






















The synth has a built-in arpeggiators with 32 different patterns and a 1 to 4 octave range. The step sequencer provides another playing style with up to 4 different sequences. The Bass Station II's front-panel controls give you hands on access to all of the synth's editable parameters. Your edits and self-created patches can be saved to the 64 user patches for fast recall.

You can easily turn your Bass Station II into an AFX Station with the v4.14 firmware update (free download available separately). Developed in collaboration with electronic music legend Aphex Twin (Richard James), the AFX mode enables you to assign a discrete set of synthesis parameters to each note on Bass Station II's keyboard. Use it to introduce subtle changes to a sound as you play up and down the keyboard, divide the keyboard into multiple zones—one per key if you like—each playing its own sound, or create entire drum kits in a single preset for triggering manually or via the arpeggiator. This inspiring mode opens up a whole new world of sound design and performance possibilities.







































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