Noyafa NF-518S 3-in-1 Smart Laser Distance Meter Multi-Functional Measuring Tool with Laser Ruler, Stud Detector, Digital Level

  • ₱2,699.00

  • 【Wall Detecting Function】 Metal Detection/ Wooden Detection/ AC Power Detection.
  • 【Metal Detection】 Magnetic metal 120mm (stain , iron), Non-magnetic Metal 100mm (power cable, copper pipe).
  • 【Wood Detection】 Detect object such likewood, nail, pipe for wire, under sheet rock, naked wooden floor, Plastic plate.
  • 【AC power detection】 50mm, AC 90V~250V detectpower supply.
  • 【Laser Distance Meter Function】 It can measure length,scale, volume, carry calculation for plus−,times for volume.
  • 【Detect metal】 Stainless steel and copper pipe, power cable, wooden products behind walls, ceiling, ground, or floor.
  • 【Certification】 Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.


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