PeakMeter PM6208A High Quality Contact-type Digital Tachometer Meter High Performance Max 50-19999RPM

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The PM6208A is a Non-contact-type digital tachometer with stable performance, high reliability, and high safety performance. It can be used for hand-held or fixed measurement. The core component of the meter is a compact high-speed integrated chip.​ The meter will display rotation speed from 50RPM~19999RPM. It calculates the exact rotation speed value through a reflected light sampling process.​ With a compact design, it is a meter with superior performance.​ With the power-saving and high-reliability circuit designed, a well-designed high-efficiency power supply circuit makes the batteries more durable. It has an LCD backlight function to support users reading measurement data under low light conditions. As a compact design and superior performance instrument, it has great advantages in measurement. This digital tachometer complies with CE RoHS. Auto shut down after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life, with low battery indication.


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 311g/11oz
  • Contact Measurement: 50-19999RPM ±(0.03%+2)
  • Measuring Distance: N/A
  • Auto Power Off: 30S
  • Data Logging: 100 groups
  • MAX/MIN/AVG Functions: Yes
  • m/min m/sec ft/min ft/Sec in/min unit selection: Yes
  • Data Hold: Yes
  • Display Back light: Yes
  • Low Battery indication: Yes
  • Category: CE
  • Power Supply: 4*1.5AAA Battery (NOT Included)
  • Product Size: 19.3*11.2*6.3cm/7.6*4.4*2.5inch



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