Pearl CMSX1412/C Snare Drums 14 x 12 Inches (Pure White) Lightweight with 6-ply Poplar/Kapur Shells

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The Competitor Series offers big value at affordable prices. An aluminum edge ring relieves all batter head tension for the 6-ply Poplar/Kapur shell.
Combining poplar wood with Pearl's Kapur composite, Competitor series shells are made lightweight so they don't wear you out on long marches. They also provide rich tones with a responsive feel.
Pearl's Competitor CMSX series marching snare drums are directly derived from the Championship series; featuring also the Free Floating shell design which removes hardware from the shell for optimum resonance and projection. 2.3 mm Superhoop II rims and aluminum alloy hardware make them road-worthy tough while keeping the weight down.

  • 6 ply Poplar/Kapur Shells
  • SST Formed Shells
  • 2.3mm SuperHoop II Rims
  • Lever Action Strainer
  • Aluminum Alloy Hardware
  • 12-strand Gut Assembly
  • Fine Tuning Gut Mechanism
  • MX and CX Carrier Compatible




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