Pearl H150S Flat-Based Single-Braced Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Lightweight Adjustable with Uni-Lock Cup Tilter Spring Tension Adjustment

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The Pearl H150S single-braced, flat-based Hi-Hat Stand is a true game-changer for the mobile pro drummer. Combining portability, modern design, and traditional styling with Pearl reliability, it is the only flat-based hi-hat stand that swivels to accommodate a double pedal.
Weighing at only 7.05 lbs., its direct pull action and offset central pull system deliver smooth, reliable hi-hat action that is adjustable to your personal feel. A companion pedal to our award-winning Eliminator: Redline bass drum pedals, its Pearl-exclusive reversible Traction Plate insert provides configurable grips for an even more custom touch.

  • Drive: Direct Pull with Spring Tension Adjustment
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • Legs: Single Braced, Swiveling Flat-Based Tripod
  • Footboard: Redline Traction Plate
  • Height: Minimum: 29.3", Maximum: 34".
  • Clutch: Direct wing-bolt and two-piece adjustable top nut
  • Toe stop: Drilled for a DC508A Toe Stop




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