Pearl HCL205QR Rapid Lock Hi-Hat Clutch Super Grip Holder Clamp with Adjustable Locking Top for Drums Kit Tool Cymbal Stand Jazz

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With its Patented (US.Pat. 9355625) quick pinch-and-release function, the Pearl Rapid Lock hi-hat clutch is the fast set-up/tear-down solution every gigging drummer has been waiting for. Easily pinch both sides of the bottom locking nut to release and place top hi-hat cymbals and adjust cymbal feel with the locking top adjustment nut. The spring-loaded dual fastening system allows you to disengage the rapid lock from the main clutch with ease, resulting in smooth, easy breakdown and setup of the top hi-hat. The felt washers minimize interference with the cymbals themselves, ensuring you get the same great sound without the inconvenience of losing your hi-hats. Ideal for players who demand reliable and consistent hi-hat performance throughout their sessions.

  • Patented quick pinch-and-release function (US.Pat. 9355625).
  • Locking top adjustment nut.
  • Super Grip Clutch clamps securely to hi-hat rod.
  • Fast set-up/tear-down solution for every gigging drummer.




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