Pearl Modern Utility 14x8 Snare Drum with 6-ply Maple SST Shell, Bridge Lug, Strainer (MUS1480M #224 Matte Natural)

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Fusing reliability and flexibility for today’s demanding gigging environment, Pearl has developed Modern Utility: a line of no-nonsense, well-appointed snare drums priced with the active working player in mind. Vital instruments tailored to make the gig great, Modern Utility’s five snare models each feature a 6-ply/5.4mm all Maple SST shell. Well-appointed with a CL Bridge Lug and smooth SR700 strainer, each Modern Utility is flexible enough to add to any set-up and strong enough to stand up to constant play.

  • Size: 14"x8"
  • Shell: 6-ply Maple 5.4mm
  • Finishes: #224 Matte Natural
  • Strainer: SR700
  • Lugs: CL100 Bridge Lug
  • Hoops: 1.6mm Hoops Triple Flanged
  • Snares: SNW1420
  • Hardware Material: Steel
  • Snares: Steel Carbon




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