Pearl P1032 Eliminator Solo Black Double Bass Drum Pedal with Interchangeable Black Cams Control Core DuoBeaters 3-position Footboards

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The Eliminator: Solo Black Double Bass drum pedal gives the speed-focused player all the gliding velocity that made the original Eliminator a necessity.
A straight-forward double pedal for the high-volume drummer, Solo Black focuses the feel on the smooth Linear Action of the Black Cam.

Its even, slightly weighted feel delivers just the right amount of resistance without slowing your stroke, for increased power and less muscle fatigue.
Other Eliminator features include accelerated action, Roller Hoop Clamp, and customizable Powershifter function.

  • Drive: Sprocket-less Double Chain
  • Foot board: Brushed Chrome
  • Universal joint: Length Adjustable, Latency-Free
  • Powershifter: Three Position
  • Beater angle: Uni-Lock Infinitely Adjustable
  • Tension adjustment: Click-Lock
  • Beaters: Control Core DuoBeaters




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