Pearl P922 Powershifter Bass Drum Double Pedal with Two Switchable Cams Frictionless Spring Rollers 2-way DuoBeater

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The Pearl P-922 Double Bass Drum Pedal is a versatile double bass drum pedal from Pearl, featuring a new, smoother single chain drive mechanism with a floor plate, Pearl's Duo-Beater and Pearl's patented PowerShifter function. A textured foot plate allows for enhanced grip, providing consistent and reliable pedal action throughout your performance. The single chain drive mechanism is finished with a double sided Duo-Beater offering a strong, powerful hit which will project your bass sounds through any mix. The infinitely adjustable beater angle allows you to customize the pedal to your exact preferences, allowing for optimal feel and power. The Pearl P-922 Double Bass Pedal offers a great response when used with any drumming styles or genre.

Switchable cams yield a custom response:
The P922 PowerShifter allows players to tailor their pedal response via two interchangeable cams. The Perfect Circle Cam yields a more traditional feel: beaters accelerate toward the bass head at a constant rate that will be familiar to most players. Eliminator fans and extreme pedalists will prefer the Eccentric Cam, which adds acceleration to the end of each stroke for added power.

Eliminator-style footboards:
This PowerShifter looks to the Pearl Eliminator for its footboard design. Drummers of all styles — heel up, heel down, and side-to-side — can expect smooth, dependable performance out of the P922.

2-way DuoBeater:
Whether you prefer your bass drum clicky and quick or round and full, the P922's included DuoBeaters have you covered. Choose the felt side for traditional tones or the hard plastic for a faster, more deliberate attack. Pearl's Control Cores smooth out playing response whatever your preference.

  • Pedal Type: Double
  • Drive Type: Single Chain
  • Cam: Perfect Circle Cam
  • Base plate: Yes




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