Pearl TC1030B Tom/Boom Cymbal Stand Modular with Cymbal Holder 360-Degree Adjustable Arm

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From Pearl's premium, tour-grade hardware range, the TC1030B modular Tom and Cymbal Stand features a separate Gyro-Lock tom holder and CH1030B Gyro-Lock boom cymbal holders. Each features rachetless, multi-axis tilter adjustment, and are attached to the stand with a removable 3-way ADP30 clamp, allowing independent height and angle positioning. With form-fitting stop locks and practically infinite angle adjustability, the main section's Trident Tripod features insulated joints for rock-solid height settings and silent stability.

  • Tilter: Gyro-Lock Tilter
  • Joint: Die-Cast Joint
  • Surestruts: Double braced struts on the Trident Design Tripod offer the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it
  • Fasteners: Ultra-Grip Wingnuts and Wingbolts
  • Feet: Extra Large No-Slip Feet




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