Pxel Canon LP-E5 Replacement Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1080mAh for Powershot EOS 450D/500D/1000D Camera (Class A)

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High-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides long-lasting shooting performance. Rated voltage of 7.4V - 1080mAh. Suitable for use with the EOS 450D, EOS 500D and EOS 1000D. Small and lightweight, lithium-ion batteries can be charged or discharged at any time without developing memory effect.
The LP-E5 Battery also communicates with the EOS Rebel XS, XSi and T1i digital cameras, so that you can always check the remaining capacity on the camera's power source info screen.

Compatible Cameras (Canon EOS):
  • 1000D
  • 450D
  • 500D
  • Rebel SX
  • Rebel T1i
  • Rebel XS
  • Rebel XSi

  • Amp-Hours: 1080 mAh
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
  • Output Voltage: 7.4 VDC




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