Pxel LS40 Riser C-Stand with Turtle Base Kit for Studio Lighting, Reflector etc

  • ₱3,999.00


  • This Pxel Turtle Base C Stand features a detachable base with twist and release locking legs that are easily removed to facilitate transportation or to replace the riser with an alternate size. A light head can be mounted to the base directly with the aid of a stand adapter.
  • The base allows individual legs to be set at any angle, and can be positioned in locations not possible with standard designed stands.
  • Fold Away Legs and Removable Base
  • This stand features twist and release locking legs with unique mounts which are easy to fold or replace. The base detaches from the riser for easy packing.
  • Quick Setup
  • This stand sets up easily in a matter of seconds.
  • Durable Finish
  • This stand is suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Detachable Turtle Base
  • Twist & Release Locking Legs
  • 40" Main Section, 2 Risers
  • Sturdy Chrome Steel Construction
  • 5/8" Top Stud








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