Pxel SB-1B-60 Octagon 1 bulb light head, Softbox Continuous lighting with 1 bulb holder, Photography Octagonal

  • ₱699.00


  • Softbox Creates Soft, Evenly Spread Light Stream with External White Cover Diffuser
  • Comes with Bag
  • Portable design
  • 60cm Diameter


- Wide 26 inch diameter size
- Long light projecting range
- Maximum light diffusing level
- Compatible with up to 105W CFL bulb
- 8.5 ft. long power cable 

- Silver color inside helps max lighting reflection
- Easy bulb install with built-in bulb socket
- Secure and stable muntin bars
- Simple umbrella-fold & unfold way

- White cover helps maximize evenly spread light
- It creates neutral light tone for general lighting
- Easy Velcro install for white cover
- Premium quality fabric, machine washable 



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