Rode DeadCat GO Artificial Fur Wind Shield for the VideoMic GO

  • ₱1,410.00

An effective wind-blocker for your VideoMic Go

The Rode Deadcat Go is a furry wind blocking device designed exclusively for use with the Rode VideoMic Go. The artificial fur of the Deadcat Go manages to minimise the incidence of wind, while not having any discernible effect on the resulting audio, leaving just the important sound that you are attempting to capture. With this accessory in play you are free to go where the action is and where your muse calls you, capturing images and sounds freely, regardless of your environment and its sporadically noisy nature.


Rode Deadcat Go shown in use - Camera not included


Weighing in at just 15 grams the Rode Deadcat Go is not going to add too much weight to your gadget bag, so there is no use to ever leave it behind when packing. Easy to attach to your Videomic Go, this windshield is at the ready to tackle all types of wind, from the slightest breeze, to a gust strong enough to blow your hat from your head.



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