Sevenoak SK-SVM30 Stereo Video Microphone

  • ₱3,900.00

The SK-SVM30 Stereo Video Microphone from Sevenoak is designed for DSLR cameras and camcorders with a 3.5mm input. The mic is equipped with two high-resolution, matched 0.55" condenser capsules, each with a supercardioid polar pattern for a high-level of rear audio rejection. It can be used to capture audio in video applications and is built with a shockmount to eliminate noise from movement and handling.

The SK-SVM30 Stereo Video Microphone is equipped with a permanently attached 3.5mm coiled output cable and a versatile shoemount. This allows the microphone to be mounted to a hot-shoe on a camcorder, a boompole, or on a microphone stand. The mic is powered by a 9V battery—not included—and includes a Deadkitten windscreen to eliminate wind noise.



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