SNDWAY SW-S50 Laser Distance Meter Rangefinder Range Finder with Color Display, USB Rechargeable

  • ₱2,390.00


  • Hand-held Laser Distance Meter, measuring range is 0.05 to 50 Meters (0.16 to 328 feet), large Color LCD display, with backlight and multi-line display (5 lines).
  • Staking-out function, helping you to find the position that match the setting distance.
  • Four reference points setting: front, middle, rear and extension benchmark. Ensuring higher accurate measurement.
  • Powered by three rechargeable batteries (Included), can be charged timely; Adjustable time of backlight off, laser off, power off, safe and power-saving.
  • Versatile laser distance meter, with Angle of Tilt measurement and record capacity of 100pcs, wide measuring range of Distance, Area, Volume, Pythagoras, Area of Triangle etc.



  • Working range: 0.05 to 50m Meters 
  • Accuracy: 2mm(0.079inch) 
  • Selectable unit: m, ft, in 
  • Smallest unit displayed: 1mm 
  • Laser: class,  <1mW 
  • Laser wavelength: 635nm 
  • Angle of Tilt: ±90° 
  • Record: 100pcs 
  • Self-calibration: -9mm to +9mm 
  • Auto backlight off: 5s~60s 
  • Auto laser off: 20~120s 
  • Auto switch off: 100~300s 
  • Storage temperature range: -20~+60 degree
  • Working temperature range: 0~+40 degree
  • Storage Humidity: RH85%
  • Dust & Splash proof: IP54 
  • Power supply: 3x1.2V 1000mAh Ni-MH (Included)






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