Eagletech Soil PH Meter Tester for Garden Plants Flowers with External Probe

  • ₱299.00


  • The probe body with telephone cord connection, can be pulled to about one meter, read more conveniently.
  • The body belt clip and probe socket, easy to carry, and flow measurement 
  • It can measure the PH of the soil. Easy to use, good quality.
  • Soil pH is also known as "soil reaction." It is the acid-base reaction of the soil solution. Depending on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the soil solution to pH values. the pH of the solution is equal to 7 for a neutral solution; pH value of less than 7, the reaction is acidic; pH greater than 7 is an alkaline reaction. Soil pH can generally be divided into the following levels:
  • the pH of soil pH

    <4.5 is extremely acidic

    4.5-5.5 strongly acidic

    5.5-6.5 Acid

    6.5-7.5 neutral

    7.5-8.5 Alkaline

    8.5-9.5 strongly alkaline

    > 9.5 strong alkaline

  • Soil pH on soil fertility and plant growth is large, northwest China, north many soil pH big, small Southern Red pH value. So it can grow and adapt to soil pH and plant crops. Such as acid red soil area planted hi-tea,

  • Alfalfa has strong alkali ability. The effectiveness of soil pH on nutrients is also great, such as large neutral soil phosphorus validity; alkaline soil trace elements (manganese, copper, zinc, etc.) poor effectiveness. In agricultural production should be noted that soil pH, and actively take measures to adjust.




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