TECMAN TM130D Thickness Gauge Meter

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for a variety of high-density plates, parts and sealed pressure vessel , pipe wall thickness testing. Widely used in petroleum , chemical, metallurgy , shipbuilding , aviation, aluminum processing , and many other metal manufacturing and processing industries.

  • TM130D comes standard with a universal 10mm probe.
  • 5MHz frequency of the probe.
  • Common industrial steel, iron, copper ( brass , copper , etc. ), glass , PVC, acrylic, aluminum and other 10 kinds of materials in the product preset velocity.
  • Can directly select the corresponding code for fast and accurate measurement of the material thickness.
  • Very suitable for standard sheet metal materials processing enterprise users.


Basic Parameters
Model Specification TM130D
Measuring range 1.2~ 220mm ( steel )
Measurement error (0.5% H +0.2) mm
Resolution Less than 100mm thickness 0.1mm
(<100mm) 0.1mm
Velocity Range Built-in 10 groups used the speed of sound
Steel Copper Glass PVC, etc.
Probe configuration 5MHzX1Branch
Operating Frequency 5MHz
Operating temperature range 0~ 45
Probe temperature 0~ 60
Pipe measurement limit 10mm probe : 20x3mm ( steel )
Special Features
Select the measured material mode Copper zinc aluminum stainless steel
PVCAcrylic glass, tin-lead
CALSelf-calibration function  
Upper and lower limit alarm  
Low battery indication  
Automatic shutdown




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