Vijim by Ulanzi Removable Flexible Desk Stand with 3 Level Extensions up to 96cm for Vlogging, Live Streaming, Podcasting, Broadcasting and Video Conferencing | JG Superstore

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  • The VIJIM LS11 Desktop Stand is a upgraded universal extendable table-top stand that allows you to mount multiple devices such as LED light, ring light, fill light, camera, smartphones, microphones and many more.



  • The main arm of the LS11 has a 3 level extension which allows you to extend up to 96cm (max) in height. The ball head of the main arm is removeable and can de detached when not needed, a smartphone holder is included as well.


  • The included auxiliary horizontal arm can be mounted onto the main arm at any height that suits your need with the included clamp attached to it. The clamp of the horizontal arm is padded with anti-slip silicone rubber to prevent it from slipping and scratching the main arm.


  • It also has a fixed ball head which allows you to mount various devices with a standard 1/4" screw. The VIJIM LS11 can be used for multi scenario, from Vlogging, Live Streaming, Podcasting, Broadcasting, Video conferencing, and many more!




  • Brand: Vijim
  • Color: Black
  • Specifications:
  • Number of Auxiliary Arm: 2
  • Auxiliary Arm Lengths: 25cm & 35cm ±
  • Arm Clamp Size: 18-28mm
  • Center Column Max Height: 96cm
  • Center Column Min Height: 41cm
  • Center Column Table Clamp Size: 0-5cm
  • Max Payload: 1kg








































































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