Waterproof Pen type Salinity Meter

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The utility model relates to a pen type salinity meter, which is a portable pen type precision instrument which can be used for field or field operation. The utility model is suitable for the monitoring of the water source of the tap water, and the water quality of aquaculture, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, electroplating, beverage industry and scientific research units.

Main technical performance of instrument



YD-1L (low range)

measuring range

0 - 2500 mg/L


1 mg/L.


2 mg/L

Salinity calibration

Salinity 706 mg/L (1413us/cm) point calibration

Temperature display

0.1 degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit

working temperature

From 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit)

Automatic temperature compensation

0 to 50 DEG C


With 40*185mm including electrodes.

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